Pretence mumbling


You get to a junction and discharge your brains all over the
signs telling you which way to go until you canít read anything anymore and
decideÖ the wrong way. Always the wrong way. Over and over again. You keep running
for you believe in the next junction, so you keep running and running until you
can only walk. And then, after a while,  you stop. So fuck it.

You just peel your illusions like thereís no choice and
never ever have control over your actions for you never ever have control over
your thoughts and you just keep masturbating your life, or just fuck it up over
and over again, or fuck other lives and just keep masturbating your own. So fuck

You get numb and at first you try desperately to feel, but
you donít. You just donít. Pretend or die. Pretend or die? Just fuck it!



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