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Prietenii mei bloggeri , prietenele mele, iubitele mele, va doresc tot binele din lume !


Lista pentru Moshu’


   M-am hotarat! De astazi inainte nu-i mai cer mosului decat un lucru. Si ma voi incapatana sa il cer pana o sa il primesc. Asa ca, mosule, lista mea e scurta , ca sa te poti concentra mai bine. Anul asta sa-mi aduci sufletul pereche !
Te pupa cu drag,


The future is near


Maine va fi o zi de ramas bun . In viata mea incepe un nou
capitol. Ma simt ca o lebada. Nu
stiu de ce, nu stiu sa explic pur si simplu ma simt ca o lebada. Oare incepe
sa rasara soarele? Consumul nervos este la putere maxima. O calc blana . Pluton
intra intr-a 10-a. Uneori speranta moare, alteori renaste… dintr-o farama…
dintr-un bob… dintr-o picatura. O sorb cu nesat. Zambesc. Nimburile
viitorului ma inconjoara si tes din ele mari de smarald si palate stralucitoare
si paduri de pin… si maci in campuri de rafie.
Visez… ca totul va fi bine. Totul va fi
bine. :)




Mar Verde ruleaza


More here.


Nu se poateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee




Delirium Clemens Reloaded



by Uca


What I ate


On Monday morning I got up at

For my Breakfast I had 500 hard boiled eggs and a cup of

For lunch I had an old car tire and a bucket of frogs.

For dinner I had a jar of anti-ageing cream and two meters
of electric flex.

On Tuesday I got up at
8 am.

For my breakfast I had a plastic ruler and next doors dog.

For lunch I had 53 pounds of Guinness and then I went home
early and went to bed.

On Wednesday I got up at
3 pm,

For breakfast I had bacon and eggs, two cups of tea and some
holyday brochures.
I didnt have any lunch, because it was too late.

For dinner I ate my briefcase and all of my wifes clothing.

On Thursday I got up at
8 am.

For breakfast I had a bottle of washing up liquid and a car

For lunch I had the plumbing from an on-suite bathroom and
two cups of tea.

For dinner I ate some important documents, a ski jacket, a
staple gun, a pair of shoes, a packet of biscuits and some ice-cream.

On Friday I got up early, because I had a doctor s
appointment, so I didnt have time for breakfast.

For lunch I had a Cornish pasty and a cup of tea.

For dinner I ate all of the plants in our garden and a
concrete paving slammer.

On Saturday I got up at
8 am.
I have to work on Saturdays.

For breakfast I had a bottle of muesli, but I barfed it up
on my trousers.

For lunch I ate the trousers that I have barfed up on and
then I went to the barbers and got shaved bold and I ate all my hair on the
way back to the office.

For dinner I ate an electric drill and some coleslaw.

On Sunday I got up at
9 am,
I went to church without having any breakfast,

For lunch I ate a large grave stone and some grass.

In the evening, I went out for dinner with my wife and I had
scampi and she had lasagna .


David Shrigley




Pretence mumbling


You get to a junction and discharge your brains all over the
signs telling you which way to go until you cant read anything anymore and
decide the wrong way. Always the wrong way. Over and over again. You keep running
for you believe in the next junction, so you keep running and running until you
can only walk. And then, after a while,  you stop. So fuck it.

You just peel your illusions like theres no choice and
never ever have control over your actions for you never ever have control over
your thoughts and you just keep masturbating your life, or just fuck it up over
and over again, or fuck other lives and just keep masturbating your own. So fuck

You get numb and at first you try desperately to feel, but
you dont. You just dont. Pretend or die. Pretend or die? Just fuck it!




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